Year 6 Transition

 Induction Days (students beginning September 2020)

Induction evening is on Tuesday 30th June. Induction day for new pupils will follow on Wednesday 1st July.

Open Days

Once dates for 2020 have been confirmed they will displayed here and on the school calendar.


If you would like to know about Queensbridge School admission criteria, please click here for more information.

Pupil Induction

We have an Induction Evening on Tuesday 2nd July 2019, when families come in to school to get an introduction to the school year and other details they need to know in preparation for September. Information will be shared about the Induction Day that follows on 3rd July 2019. Families will receive an Induction Pack in the post prior to this, with lots of information and important forms that will need to be completed and returned to the school by these dates.


"I enjoyed pushing myself to do things that I had never done before.  My favourite thing was going on the zip wire.  I did not want to go at first but my friends pushed me and I did it.  I am really glad that I did!"  

"It was such an adventure. I enjoyed every bit of it and threw myself into all of the activities.  My motto for the residential would be - Don’t think, just do it!" 

"I was frightened at first.  Then I made new friends which made me feel more comfortable.  My teacher was really supportive and fun and all my friends encouraged me when I was frightened.  I enjoyed the residential so much that I wish I could go again."

"I found the residential fun, but challenging. I am not used to staying away from home without my family, but I managed to do it, and made new friends.  I felt tired but also proud that I had done it.  I LOVED all of the activities!"

Students' feedback from Year 7 Blackwell Residential