We are very proud of our ambitious and exciting curriculum. Its creative characteristics ensure that the academic and personal are delivered in tandem. Over five years all pupils develop attributes and skills to navigate the complex world in which we live. The quality of our teachers and their exceptionally strong subject expertise are key to excellent academic outcomes.

Queensbridge School is:

  • a Reading School – pupils being able to read, choosing to read and learning from stories is paramount;
  • committed to a three-year Key Stage 3 to ensure that all pupils experience and develop their skills across the full breadth of subjects. We believe passionately in the benefits of the creative subjects and the diverse skills within them – Art, Drama, Music, Dance, Design technology, Computer Science, Media Studies.
  • skillful at creating curriculum opportunities that provide the highest quality learning in many different ways – iWeek, QB+, TFL (Toolkit for Learning) are all significant components of our Wider Learning Strategy;
  • mindful of the challenges facing Year 7 pupils as they transition from Key Stage 2. QUEST provides a rich and exciting curriculum that places emphasis on more time to study subjects in more depth, thus ensuring that pupils settle and enjoy the flexibility and range of subjects that Key Stage 3 has to offer;
  • offers a wide range of examination subjects at the appropriate level to meet the needs of our learners;
  • a rich KS4 core curriculum offer is complemented by a wide range of subjects to ensure breadth and development of skills throughout Years 10 and 11.

“We’re delighted with how well our daughter has settled and it’s wonderful to see the creative approach to the curriculum.”

Year 7 Parent